A Helping Hand

There are many opportunities for charitable giving in the world today, and more worthy charities than I can count.  We have begun this page to share a few which are important to us, and which you may not have heard about.


help-1.jpg (6783 bytes)  Los Romeritos -a home and shelter for street children in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Cathie & Lynn DeWeese-Parkison (who are booksellers) have established a fund to aid Los Romeritos in memory of their daughter Meggan who volunteered there.  The website includes links to photographs and talks more about Meggan and Los Romeritos.

The Homepage of Cathie & Lynn DeWeese-Parkinson
some pictures of Los Romeritos


cworks.jpg (6837 bytes) Community Works -Community Works is a Boston-based non-profit agency which funds 28 community organizations building dignity, equality, and opportunity for all.

The homepage of Community Works


pinestreet.jpg (3395 bytes) Boston's Pine Street Inn is a not-for-profit organization committed to men, women and children in need of shelter, sustenance, and the basic moral and material supports necessary to lead a dignified and stable life. It is the mission of the inn, in all its programs, to be a community of respect and hope for each guest it serves; to be a resource through which neighbors and friends can help to meet the basic needs of others; and to serve as a national leader in the fight to end homelessness.

The homepage of the Pine Street Inn


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