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So, what is Speaking of Books...?

It's our free e-mail newsletter that:

* keeps you up to date on our website updates and new content, including first notice when our new "Just Catalogued" pages are posted.

* gives you notice of our new printed catalogs and lists.

* announces special offers to subscribers

I already get a lot of email.
How often will it come?

The volume of this list is about 1 message a week. 


Does signing up mean other people
can see my email address?

This is a private list; it is configured so that your name and e-mail address will not be available to anyone else if you are subscribed to the list. You can subscribe, unsubscribe, re-unsubscribe (and so on) at any time in complete privacy.


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Some issues of "Speaking of Books" are short, and only sent as email;
for other issues we offer illustrated versions on our blog- Foggygates

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We also run the Rare Books Mailing List, an e-mail list for anyone interested in rare books, on a wide variety of topics, from first editions to architecture, gardening to alchemy, posted by a select group of international booksellers. Subscriptions to recieve mail from the list are free, and there are 50-60 postings a week. To subscribe to receive the Rare Books Mailing List, go to- <>


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