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A selection of interesting or noteworthy photographs and pictures, drawn from private collections and offered for your enjoyment, or from our stock and offered for sale.

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poe-thumb.jpg (8826 bytes) "The Graveyard".  [private collection]

A cabinet card, ca 1890-1900, showing a young man with a passing resemblance to Poe, seated by a fancy Victorian gravestone...  View the photo 


oldtown-6.jpg (4421 bytes)  "Oldtown" [private collection]

An albumen print, ca 1880-1890, showing an oddly fascinating town scene full of angles and surfaces, planes and textures, from the American midwest...  View the photo


river-4.jpg (4779 bytes) "The River".  [private collection]

A silver print, ca 1890-1900, showing a family somewhere in the American southwest, "getting back to Nature", Victorian-style...  View the photo 




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