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Joslin Hall Rare Books office at joslinhall.com
Thu Nov 13 11:48:06 EST 2003

The Email Elves and Cataloging Gnomes at Joslin Hall Rare Books are done 
raking leaves and mulling cider, so they decided "what the heck, let's 
upgrade the software that runs our JHRB News List".  We have just switched 
email servers for this list, so your subscribe/unsubscribe options page has 
been moved.  To edit your subscription you now visit- 
<http://joslinhall.com/mailman/listinfo/jhrbnews_joslinhall.com> and scroll 
to the bottom of the page.

In addition, every message we send on this list will include click-links 
for fast unsubscribing and subscription editing options.

As always, if you have any options or questions, you can always write the 
head Email Elf at <office at joslinhall.com>.

In other news, the Cataloging Cave has been busy, working almost round the 
clock, getting a new full printed catalog ready for mailing in the first 
week of December.  If you want to receive it and think you may not be on 
our mailing list, please send us your snail mail address.

Ok, now let's push the button and see if this new software works...


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