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Joslin Hall Rare Books office at joslinhall.com
Wed Nov 19 07:36:54 EST 2003

The Cataloging Elves at Joslin Hall Rare Books are done raking leaves and 
mulling cider, or perhaps they were raking cider and mulling leaves (which 
would explain the residue of twigs in my cup yesterday), and they have 
finished updating the "Just Catalogued" pages on the website!

As usual, we have a varied selection of odd and interesting books on the 
decorative arts such as silver, ceramics, glass, etc., and we have some 
other interesting material on a variety of subjects.  Highlights include-

* Should we fill in Boston's Back Bay mud flats?  A scarce 1824 pamphlet by 
a Boston citizen's group says no!

* The catalog of the Bixby Collection of George Washington letters to his 
personal secretary, Tobias Lear.  Privately published in 1905 and limited 
to 300 copies.

* Bolton's landmark 1929 study of American wax portraits.  Limited to 550 

* A nice clean copy (in new marbled covers) of the 1775 edition of Edmund 
Burke's attack on King George and his finagling with Parliament -"Thoughts 
on the Causes of the Present Discontents".

* Neamiah Cleaveland's very early (1866) history of the first years of the 
historic Green-Wood Cemetery.

* A spectacular copy of what is probably the first book to recount an 
aerial tour of Ireland, Alexander Corkey's "The Truth About Ireland, or, 
Through the Emerald Isle with an Aeroplane".

* Everett Crosby's very scarce book about Nantucket scrimshaw- "Susan's Teeth".

* The lovely illustrated catalog to the 1853 Exhibition of Art-Industry in 
Dublin, Ireland.

* A very lovely copy of French's classic 1879 book "Art and Artists in 

* A curious 1895 book about the Matrimonial customs of many nations...

* An 1892 book about the history of pawnbroking, and the attempts to 
regulate it in England in the late 19th century.

* A spectacular and elegant study of pewter in Geneva, limited to 385 copies.

* A nice copy of one of the scarcer silver collection catalogs, the New 
York Farmer's Collection of Silver Plate, limited to 85 copies.

* An engaging and witty 1883 book about barbershops.

* A very singular study of the death masks of Napoleon.  Limited to 500 copies.

  ... and just a lot more books, besides.  Have fun!

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