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Wed Apr 21 17:49:23 EDT 2004

Spring is sprung,
the grass is ris,
I wonder where the Book Elves is...

They were in New York for the weekend, visiting the New York Book Fair,
and sitting in a bar on Broadway in their Red Sox hats, watching the Sox
beat the Yankees on the tv; it wasn't so much the hats that annoyed the
local Yankee fans, as much as the strange little victory dance they did on
the tables after a Sox home run...  Book Elves can catalog, but they
cannot boogie worth a darn, and let's just say they found out how many
Book Elves can be stuffed into a taxicab and leave it at that.

Everything turned out all right though, as the sun came out and the
temperatures hit 80 in Central Park on Sunday and they taught the locals
to play "Elf Frisbee", which for some reason involves lots of ice cream
and a boom box.  There are, alas, no pictures, as my camera mysteriously
ended up in the pond.

Oh well.  Before they tossed the photographic evidence to the ducks, they
finished putting together a new "Just Catalogued" page which we have now
posted on the website-


This time we have a selection of art and antique-related books, including
metalware, ceramics, orientalia, glass, furniture, some forgery-related
items, and more!  I have included a short, author/title/price listing
later on in this note.

Also, don't forget that our new printed catalog- "(Almost) Ready for
Spring" is now available.  If you would like a free copy, please send us
your mailing address.

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Here is an autor/title/price list of the books listed on our "Just
Catalogued" page <http://www.joslinhall.com/justcat.htm> -

Ayres, Larry M., et al. "A Medieval Miscellany -Romanesque and Early
Gothic Metalwork" Santa Barbara; The Art Galleries, University of
California: 1974. Edition limited to 800 copies.  [05453] $45.00

Berling, K. "Meissen China. An Illustrated History" New York; Dover
Publications: 1972.  [05392] $50.00

Beurdeley, Michel. "Chinese Trade Porcelain" Rutland; Charles Tuttle:
1969. 2nd printing.  [05465] $125.00

(Biringuccio) "The Pirotechnia of Vannoccio Biringuccio, translated from
the Italian with an introduction and notes by Cyril Stanley Smith & Martha
Teach Gnudi" New York; Basic Books Collector's Series in Science: 1959.
[05449] $75.00

Bly, John. "The Confident Collector. How to Recognize an Authentic
Antique" New York; Prentice Hall Press: 1986. [05413] $40.00

Boger, H. Batterson. "The Traditional Arts of Japan. A Complete
Illustrated Guide" New York; Bonanza Books: 1960.  [05420] $65.00

Bohan, Peter & Philip Hammerslough. "Early Connecticut Silver, 1700-1840"
Middletown; Wesleyan University Press: 1970. [05417] $100.00

Boultinghouse, Marquis. "Silversmiths, Jewelers, Watch & Clock Makers of
Kentucky, 1785-1900" Published by the author: 1980.  [05418] $250.00

    A Copy Owned by 'Father Himalaya',
    the father of Solar Energy in Portugal-

Charleton, Arthur G. "Tin: Describing the Chief Methods of Mining,
Dressing & Smelting it Abroad. With Notes upon Arsenic, Bismuth and
Wolfram" London; E. & F.N. Spon: 1884.  [05444] $200.00

Cortes, Antonio. "Hierros Forjados" Mexico; Talleres Graficos del Museo
Nacional de Arqueologia, Historia y Etnografia: 1935.  [05404] $175.00

Cutten, George Barton. "Silversmiths of Virginia (together with
Watchmakers and Jewelers) from 1694 to 1850" Richmond; The Dietz Press:
1952.  [05416] $85.00

Darmstadt, Jo. "Craftsmen and Artists of Norwich. An exhibition of
furniture, paintings, clocks, silver, pewter and pottery, at the Slater
Museum" Norwich; Society of the Founders of Norwich: 1965.  [05470] $50.00

Dent, Herbert C. "Old English Bronze Wool-Weights" Norwich; H.W. Hunt:
1927. Edition limited to 200 numbered and signed copies.  [05443] $275.00

[Drinking Glass /Tiles / China Trade]"Cahiers de la Ceramique et des Arts
du Feu. No. 7." Sevres; Societe des Amis du Musee National de Ceramique:
1957.  [05460] $40.00

Drury, John. "The Heritage of Early American Houses" New York;
Coward-McCann: 1969.  [05415] $30.00

Dubbe, B. "Tin en Tinnegieters in Nederland" W. de Haan N.V. Zeist: 1965. 
[05446] $85.00

Eisen, Gustavus A. (& Fahim Kouchakji). "Glass, Its Origin, History,
Chronology, Technic and Classification to the Sixteenth Century" New York;
William Edwin Rudge: 1927. Edition limited to 500 sets.  [05469] $400.00

Entwisle, E.A. "Wallpapers of the Victorian Era" Leigh-on-Sea; F. Lewis:
1964. Edition limited to 500 copies.  [05406] $250.00

Faith, Nicholas. "Victorian Vineyard. Chateau Loudenne and the Gilbeys"
London; Constable: 1983. [05407] $40.00

Fourcade, Francois. "Art Treasures of the Peking Museum" New York; Harry
N. Abrams: 1965.  [05421] $50.00

[French Wine] "Revue du Vin de France. Technical and topical information,
defense of quality" Paris; 1968-1971.  [05442] $60.00

Friedman, Joe. "Inside London. Discovering London's Period Interiors" New
York; Prentice-Hall Press: 1988. [05414] $25.00

Gay, Eban Howard. "A Chippendale Romance" New York; Longmans, Green & Co.:
1915. Edition limited to 1050 copies. [05463] $85.00

Girouard, Mark. "Victorian Pubs" New Haven; Yale University Press: 1984. 
[05410] $35.00

Gompertz, G. St. G.M. "Korean Celadon and other wares of the Koryo period"
New York; Thomas Yoseloff: 1964.  [05382] $60.00

Gregory, G[eorge]. "The Life of Thomas Chatterton, with Criticisms on his
Genius and Writings, and a concise view of the Controversy concerning
Rowley's Poems" London; G. Kearsley: 1789.
 [05468] $250.00

Hare, Maurice Evan (ed.). "The Rowley Poems by Thomas Chatterton reprinted
from Tyrwhitt's Third Edition" Oxford; Clarendon Press: 1911.  [05379]

Haslam, Malcolm. "Marks and Monograms of the Modern Movement, 1875-1930"
New York; Charles Scribner's Sons: 1977.  [05411] $150.00

Herman, Lloyd E., et al. "Georg Jensen Silversmithy. 77 Artists, 75 Years"
Washington; Smithsonian Institution: 1980.  [05425] $85.00

Hiley, Michael. "Victorian Working Women. Portraits from Life" Boston;
David R. Godine: 1979.  [05409] $30.00

Holgate, David. "New Hall and Its Imitators" London; Faber & Faber: 1971.
[05385] $150.00

Hughes, Bernard & Therle. "Georgian Shoe Buckles. Illustrated by the Lady
Maufe Collection of Shoe Buckles at Kenwood" Greater London Council: 1972.
 [05472] $100.00

Innes, Lowell. "Pittsburgh Glass 1797-1891. A History and Guide for
Collectors" Boston; Houghton Mifflin: 1976.  [05427] $250.00

John, W D. "Pontypool and Usk Japanned Wares with the Early History of the
Iron and Tinplate Industries at Pontypool" Newport Mon; The Ceramic Book
Company: 1953.  [05454] $85.00

Jones, Yvonne. "Georgian & Victorian Japanned Ware of the West Midlands.
Catalogue of the permanent collection and a temporary exhibition"
Wolverhampton Art Gallery & Museums: 1982.

Kauffman, Henry J. "American Copper & Brass" Morgantown; Masthof Press:
1995.  [05452] $30.00

Lang, Andrew. "Portraits and Jewels of Mary Stuart" Glasgow; James
MacLehose and Sons: 1906.  [05467] $200.00

Levy, Mervyn. "Liberty Style. The Classic Years: 1898-1910" New York;
Rizzoli: 1986.  [05412] $65.00

Lipman, Jean & Tom Armstrong (eds.). "American Folk Painters of Three
Centuries" New York; Hudson Hills Press/ Whitney Museum of American Art:
1980.   [05419] $40.00

Maiuri, Amedeo. "La Casa del Menandro e il suo Tesoro de Argenteria" Rome;
La Libreria dello Stato: [1933]. Limited to 480 sets.  [05474] $1250.00

Miller, V. Isabelle. "Silver by New York Makers. Late 17th Century to
1900" New York; Museum of the City of New York: 1937. Edition limited to
1000 copies. [05428] $65.00

Mitchell, Paul & Lynn Roberts. "A History of European Picture Frames"
London; Paul Mitchell / Merrell Holberton: 1996.  [05403] $125.00

Mudge, Jean M. "Chinese Export Porcelain for the American Trade 1785-1835"
University of Delaware Press: 1962.  [05397] $75.00

Neuwirth, Waltraud. "Glass 1905-1925. Volume II. From Art Nouveau to Art
Deco" Wien; Selbstverlag Dr. Waltraud Neuwirth: 1987.  [05381] $100.00

  Made it this far?  Good work.
   You're almost through...

Oman, C.C. "Catalogue of Wall-Papers" London; Victoria and Albert Museum:
1929.  [05405] $75.00

Peirce, Josephine H. "Fire on the Hearth. The Evolution and Romance of the
Heating-Stove" Springfield; Pond-Ekberg Publishing Co.: 1951. [05447]

Phillips, John Goldsmith. "China Trade Porcelain, An Account of Its
Historical Background, Manufacture, and Decoration and a Study of the
Helena Woolworth McCann Collection" Cambridge; Harvard University Press:
1956.  [05398] $85.00

Powers, Beatrice F. & Olive Floyd. "Early American Decorated Tinware" New
York; Hastings House: 1957.  [05455] $35.00

Rice, D.G. "The Illustrated Guide to Rockingham Pottery and Porcelain" New
York; Praeger Publishers: 1971.  [05383] $85.00

Smith, Bradley. "Japan. A History in Art" New York; Simon & Schuster:
1964.  [05422] $40.00

[Soft Paste / Earthenware / Venetian Glass] "Cahiers de la Ceramique, du
Verre, et des Arts du Feu. No. 17". Sevres; Societe des Amis du Musee
National de Ceramique: 1960.  [05462] $40.00

Squibb, Edward R. "Proposed Legislation on the Adulteration of Food and
Medicine" New York; G.P. Putnam's Sons: 1879.  [05475] $125.00

Stokes, John W. "70 Years of Radio Tubes and Valves. A Guide for
Electronic Engineers, Historians and Collectors" Vestal Press: 1982.  
[05408] $85.00

"Studio Potter. Volume 8, Number 1. 1979" The Bernard Leach commemorative
issue.  [05466] $25.00

[Table Glass / Soft Paste] "Cahiers de la Ceramique, du Verre, et des Arts
du Feu. No. 16." Sevres; Societe des Amis du Musee National de Ceramique:
1959.  [05461] $40.00

Tomlinson, Juliette (ed.). "The Paintings and Journals of Joseph Whiting
Stock. With a checklist of his works compiled by Kate Steinway'
Middletown; Wesleyan University Press: 1976.  [05459] $60.00

Towner, Donald. "The Leeds Pottery" New York; Taplinger Publishing Co.:
1965. [05390] $125.00

Tracey, Hugh. "African Dances of the Witwatersrand Gold Mines"
Johannesburg; African Music Society: 1952.  [05456] $75.00

Tsumura, Akira. "Banjos. The Tsumura Collection" Tokyo; Kodansha
International Ltd.: 1984. 2nd printing.  [05429] $650.00

Vincent, Keith. "Nailsea Glass" Newton Abbot; David & Charles: 1975. 
[05424] $125.00

Vogdes, Anthony W. (& Lewis E. Aubury). "A Bibliography relating to the
Geology, Paleontology, and Mineral Resources of California" Sacramento;
California State Mining Bureau: 1904. 2nd edition.  [05445] $85.00

Walkling, Gillian. "Antique Bamboo Furniture" London; Bell & Hyman: 1979. 
[05473] $150.00

Wannyn, Robert L. "L'Art Ancien de Metal au Bas-Congo" Belgium; Editions
du Vieux Planquesaule: 1961.  [05448] $40.00

Watney, Bernard & Homer D. Babbidge. "Corkscrews for Collectors" London;
Sotheby Parke Bernet: 1981.  [05426] $100.00

Watney, Bernard. "English Blue and White Porcelain of the 18th Century"
London; Faber and Faber: 1963.  [05387] $45.00

Whiter, Leonard. "Spode. A History of the Family, Factory and Wares from
1733 to 1833' New York; Praeger Publishers: 1970. [05393] $150.00

Woodward, C.S. "Oriental Ceramics at the Cape of Good Hope 1652-1795" Cape
Town; A.A. Balkema: 1974. . [05400] $200.00

Young, William J. (ed.). "Application of Science in Examination of Works
of Art" Boston; Museum of Fine Arts: 1973.  [05457] $75.00


You will note that we headlined one of those entries "A Copy Owned by
'Father Himalaya', the father of Solar Energy in Portugal".  Behind this
line is one of those fascinating stories I sometimes come across when
researching books.  Manuel Antonio Gomes 'Himalaya' [1868-1933(?)],
"Father Himalaya", is considered to be the father of solar energy in
Portugal, and a visionary pioneer in the field of renewable energy. After
taking Holy Orders in the Society of Jesus he studied natural sciences,
physics, chemistry, mathematics and astronomy, and traveled to France
where he studied with the noted chemist Marcelin Berthelot.

In 1899 he was granted a patent by the French government for a device to
produce heat by focusing the sun's rays; in 1900 he constructed a test
device in the Pyrenees and attained a temperature of 1100 degrees
centigrade. In 1902 an experiment in Lisbon attained 2000 degrees, and he
made a final, startling demonstration of the power of such a device at the
St. Louis Exposition in Missouri 1904. There he constructed his
"Pireliofero", a 3-story high parabolic mirror mounted on a monstrous iron
framework which focused sunlight on an oven mounted at the top of the
structure. The oven reached a temperature of 3500 degrees, melting a test
chunk of basalt, and Father Himalaya won a Grand Prize for his efforts.

He promoted other forms of renewable energy as well, including tidal
energy and hydroelectric power, wind power, and geothermal power. Alas,
there was plenty of cheap coal and oil available, and his work was
generally ignored and forgotten.

Father Himalaya retired to become chaplain at Viana Castle, a charity
home, where he died at the age of 65. His work has excited interest in
Europe in recent years, and his ideas have only lately attained a measure
of the respect which eluded them in his lifetime.

We found a picture of "Father Himalaya" and his 1904 "Pireliofero"-

All this and more on our Just Catalogued pages-

Have fun!


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