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Well, at noontime the temperature in the yard outside the Cataloging Cave
is a brisk -2 degrees.  Several of the Cataloging Elves were sledding
outside this morning and came in with icicles hanging off their ears, so
they'll spend the afternoon indoors, drinking hot cocoa and watching music
videos...  However, before they settled down in front of the fireplace
they put the finishing touches on our latest "Just Catalogued" pages.  The
new listings include many interesting books on ceramics, glass, silver,
furniture, and other decorative arts, but of course there is much else as

- Accum's important 1819 treatise on gas-lighting, with many engraved
plates of gas plants, gas fixtures, and related apparatus...

- We have some of the very fun gastronomical reprints of historic
cooking-related books put out by the folks at Mallinckrodt in the 1960s,
including the first dated cookery book, an important 1820 book on food
adulteration, a pioneering book on canning whose author won a prize
offered by Napoleon, and the tale of the man who was trying to invent a
steam engine and invented the pressure cooker instead...

- Want to sing Methodist hymns in phonetic Japanese?  We have an
interesting 1887 book transliterating Methodist hymns into Japanese,
printed in Tokyo...

- Young John Angelo and his friend, Teddy Landseer, tour the halls of the
Water Color Exhibition at the National Academy of Design in 1883...

- Take a tour of the springs and wells of Manhattan and the Bronx as they
existed at the turn of the last century... or learn more about the
healthful effects of the springs and mineral waters at Saratoga and
Ballston as they existed in 1831...

- "This study is not a dry collation of meaningless relics, but the
gathering together of speaking memorials, which tell indeed of luxury,
pomp, and display, but of superstition and ignorance..."  If you want to
know more, you'll have to go to the Just Catalogued pages and look up

- There is an interesting 1817 report on the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal
Company, along with a plea for funding by it's owners; today the canal
remains as one of the busiest canals in the world...

- Moon rocks?  Moon rocks.  well, a book on them, anyway...

- Did they deserve $100,000?  A pair of reports from 1840 and 1842 on the
contentious and drawn-out battle by Robert Fulton's heirs to get
compensation out of the Federal government for his work...

- Ever consider stuffing a Baltimore Oriole into a bird cage and bringing
him into your living room?  How about teaching a parrot to whistle "Over
the Water to Charley"?  Me either, but the author of this 1848 book on
keeping cage birds did...

- Want to browse the relics of Pompeii and Herculaneum at the Naples
Museum without leaving your armchair?  This illustrated 1889 catalog by
the curator will help...

- "It remains for us to secure to the freedmen their just rights as
citizens. They should have the same liberty of movement- to buy and sell
and make contracts, to engage in any pursuit or profession they may
choose, to sue at law and be sued, to work or play- that the white man
enjoys. There should be no code of laws for the black man exclusively...
His children should have the equal privileges in all public schools...
(and) will secure the (rights to the) ballot with the consent of their
former masters".  Or at least the Rev. Smith of Andover thought so in
1866... and according to him, so did some of his southern friends...

Have fun!!


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