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The Joslin Hall Rare Books Newsletter
July 29th, 2004

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The primary reason (actually the only reason) for today's Newsletter is to 
announce a new printed list which is at the printer now and will be mailed 
this weekend- "Books on Furniture -Part One (A-L)" includes 102 selections 
from our stock of books and catalogs on furniture (hence the title "Books 
on Furniture".  And you thought it was just a lucky coincidence...).  If 
you would like a copy, just send your mailing address to 
office at joslinhall.com and say you want the new furniture list.  Please 
Note: some of you are on the list for it already, so don't assume we've 
dropped you just because you are getting this email.  But if you have never 
gotten a furniture list from us and would like one, or you have gotten some 
in the past and just want to make sure you get this one, email us.

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Well, it's Day Four (the final day) of the Democratic National Convention 
across the river in Boston.  We're just about gotten used to the constant 
sounds of hovering police helicopters overhead from 7 am to 10 pm every 
day...  For the last six months the newspapers had been filled with stories 
about how bad the congestion was going to be -bumper-to-bumper traffic on 
the highways, gridlock in the city, etc., etc., etc.  The result of all 
this was, of course, that everyone who lives here scheduled their vacation 
for this week and got out of town entirely, or at least decided to try 
working from home until the hoopla is over.  The result of -that- (of 
course) is that there was almost nobody in Boston on Monday, Tuesday and 

I took the subway in to visit a few bookstores in Monday and Boston was not 
quite like a ghost town, but pretty darn close.  A Boston Globe story 
yesterday reported that downtown restaurant's sales are off 90% this week, 
because the conventioneers are taking advantage of all the free food they 
are being treated to at the numerous convention parties and get-togethers, 
and the locals are all too scared to venture downtown.   Even tony Newbury 
Street, the shopping-heart of the city, where the suggestion that one could 
find a parking place any weekday would ordinarily send Boston residents 
into gales of hysterical laughter, was deserted, with almost half of the 
on-street parking spaces empty.

You see what's coming, right?  After three solid days of stories in the 
papers, and on the tv and radio about how deserted the city is, and how 
easy it is to drive around, park and shop, suddenly this morning everyone 
decided "hey, lets go in to Boston today!" and this morning's commute was 
apparently a real mess.

Oh well.  Tomorrow it all gets back to normal.  To all those who were brave 
enough to visit Boston this week (and apparently there were some actual, 
honest-to-God non-Convention-related tourists here as well) we hope you 
enjoyed our city and had a good time despite the sometimes funky 
weather.  To those from Florida or California -yes, it is unfortunately 
true that when visiting Boston, even in July, it sometimes pays to bring a 
sweater, at least if you are going out in the evening.  I know that seems a 
bit weird...

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That's all for our short Newsletter today.  If you'd like a copy of the new 
Furniture list, send us an email with your mailing address.



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