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Speaking of Books...
The Joslin Hall Rare Books Newsletter for Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Softcover? - Hardcover?

Every once in a while we enter a book in one of our printed catalogs 
without having actually seen a copy -usually the catalog deadline and the 
publication date were just a bit apart, and we want to have the title 
included. That happened last week with a new book from the Corning Museum 
of Glass and our Furniture catalog. Their new publication- "European Glass 
Furnishings for Eastern Palaces" was described in the literature I had as a 
softcover, so we were pleasantly surprised to open the package that brought 
them today and find it's a hardcover instead. I'll be writing a new entry 
shortly. If you'd like more information on either catalog, visit our Books 
on Furniture pages-

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Which Washington?

Speaking of making mistakes...  we have a charming and interesting little 
limited edition, 1927 book about bookplates selling tonight on Ebay. It's 
called "Washington Bookplates" and I bought it at an auction a few weeks 
ago, thinking it was about George Washington's bookplates, or bookplates 
featuring him, or connected with him, or something like that... but no, 
it's about bookplates created for Washington-state artists for 
Washington-state bibliophiles. Not that there's anything wrong with that, 
it's just not quite what I was expecting... So, we put it up on Ebay.

We've got quite a few titles up there at the moment, including a lot of 
nice 19th century Americana, a few glass books, some hunting books -quite 
an assortment, and all start (or started) at $9.99 or less, with no 
reserves on any of it.

See them at-

If this link to our auctions doesn't work,
our EBay User ID is - joslinhall

The current list->

-Washington State Booksplates -1927 ltd. edition [ends tonite]

-1837 American study of growing beet sugar [ends tonite]

-Roland Clark "Gunner's Dawn" 1937 Derrydale Press 1/950 [ends tonite]

-1848 St. Augustine Florida history with suppressed page [ends Sunday]

-1885 Amerigo Vespucci Letters on Discovering America [ends Sunday]

-Grabhorn Press 1956 Catalog of French Modern Bindings [ends Sunday]

-Schoolcraft's 1834 Mississippi Travelogue with map [ends Sunday]

-Archibald Rutledge 1937 Classic - American Hunter [ends Sunday]

-1805 Fables for the Ladies by Edward Moore -Poetry

-Dale Chihuly - Tutti Putti 1991 exhibition catalog

-Benjamin Franklin 1785 Letter Attacking Publishers

-Benjamin Franklin - Parable Against Persecution (1927)

-1834 Mound Builders & ancient travel in North America

-1925 American Game Hunting Classic by Malcolm S. Mackay

-1846- Amerigo Vespucci controversy by C. Edwards Lester

-Blockade Running from Charleston by Captain Roberts

-1st Texas Indian Captivity, 1838 - facsimile ed. 1/400

-Women on the Cattle Trail -1983 - limited to 550 copies

-1857 - Famous Pre-Darwin Study of Devonian Fossil Fish

-1832 Boston, American traveler's Italian phrase guide

-1826 American Militia Manual by Paraclete Pott

-Krakatoa- 1883 Report on the Volcanic Ash, Abbe Renard

-1874 Panama Canal Survey with large maps & lithographs

-70 Years of Radio Tubes & Valves -reference book

-"Wing Shots", A.D. Simmons: Derrydale Press 7/950

EBay User ID: joslinhall

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That's it for now! The sun looks to be coming back out and there are weeds 
in the garden yearning to be pulled...


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