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We had the big 6th Annual Library Sale/Vintage Auto/Antique Tractor Show & 
Volunteer Fire Dept Barbecue this weekend in Hatfield, and the Book Elves 
were beside themselves, wolfing down burgers and hot dogs, along with 
glasses of cider from the old cider press they were operating at the Farm 
Museum. There was that one regrettable incident involving the Mayor's 
vintage T-Bird and what the police are blindly insisting on calling "auto 
theft" and "joy-riding", but before three of the Book Elves were seen 
driving off down Main Street on a 1948 John Deere tractor, completely nude 
and blitzed on hard cider, singing "We Are Family" at the top of their 
lungs, they finished our new catalog-

available in printed format, or on our website. If you would like a printed 
copy of the catalog, please email us, and remember to include your mailing 
address. Or you can browse it on our website-

     HIGHLIGHTS include -

*The earliest printed book on American silver collections.

*The scarce 1917 Memorial Exhibition catalog of paintings by John J. Enneking.

*Howard's 1838 study of color as used by artists, a very early example of 
the use of chromolithography in book illustration.

*A 1935 Maggs Brothers catalog completely devoted to books about Royalty, 
issued to commemorate King George V's Silver Jubilee.

*A beautiful leatherbound copy of the catalog to the 1963 Metropolitan 
Museum of Art exhibition of American furniture & other arts, limited to 445 

*James Jackson Jarves' influential 1867 study of Japanese arts.

*An important and influential 1846 book on fresco painting techniques.

*An unusual pamphlet promoting of a scheme to fix up Independence Square 
for the 1876 Centennial.

*A very interesting 1881 study of the development of the Christian altar 
and its fittings.

*A very scarce 1915 Worcester County exhibition catalog of American silver.

*The first book on American gems, published in 1838.

*An enlightening 1894 study of the evolution of the electric light bulb.

*A scarce 1867 book on the laws of color as used in interior decoration.

*An important and comprehensive 1895 report on worker housing around the 

*Noted antiquarian Charles Dorman's copy of Harrington's 1939 book on 
Delaware silversmiths, limited to 300 copies, and with extensive 
handwritten notes by Dorman.

*An interesting 1845 book about collecting paintings.

*A complete 1890s guide to Victorian construction and decorating work 
methods and tools.

...and many more books on silver, ceramics, glass, furniture, folk art, 
metals, textiles and other arts, and related topics-


- - - - - - - - - RECENT CATALOGS - - - - - - -

FIRE & ICE  -Catalog 282 is now available. It features a selection of books 
on two diverse yet oddly-related topics- the use of fire and the use of ice 
in everyday life. Books and other materials on fireplaces, lighting 
devices, fire-making tools, as well as ice harvesting, icy foods and 
pastimes, and the making and use of ice for refrigeration are all included.

We have printed copies available (if you would like one, please remember to 
send us your mailing address), and the catalog is also posted on the web-



1641-1770. New Haven; Yale University Press: 2004. "In this pioneering 
study of the material culture of Stuart and Hanoverian Ireland, Toby 
Barnard reveals a hitherto unsuspected richness and diversity of lifestyle, 
habitat and mentality. The compass of the book is impressively wide, from 
the governing elite of Dublin Castle to provincial towns and the 
countryside beyond. Looking yet further, it follows the Irish overseas to 
Britain and the continent of Europe. Through such everyday articles as 
linen shirts, wigs, silver teaspoons, pottery plates and engravings, 
Barnard evokes a striking variety of lives and attitudes. Possessions, he 
shows, highlighted and widened divisions, not only between the rich and 
poor, women and men, but also between Irish Catholics and the Protestant 
settlers." There are chapters focusing on the house, interiors, goods, 
pictures, the park & garden, sport, dress, Dublin, going abroad, and 
Society. Hardcover. 8"x9.5", xxii + 497 pages, b/w and some color 
illustrations, dj. New. [95045]
Published at $50.00.
Available for a limited time for- $25.00

PREHISTORY TO THE PRESENT. New York; Harry N. Abrams: 1999. Ten years in 
the making, this lavish, photo-filled book starts by exploring the jewelry 
of the ancient Americans and works its way, eventually, up to the 20th 
century. Separate chapters discuss and illustrate the Arctic, the 
Subarctic, the Woodlands, the Plains, the Great Basin, the Plateau, the 
Northwest Coast, California, and the Southwest. This book is packed with 
color photos and information, and if you are at all interested in any facet 
of the subject is well worth a place on your bookshelf. Hardcover. 
10"x11.5", 608 pages, 820 color and 380 b/w illustrations, dj. New. [95043]
Published at $75.00.
Available for a limited time for- $40.00

- - - - UPCOMING CATALOGS - - - -

Books on Glass Catalog #283

Books on Silver Catalog #285

Fall, 2006 -Catalog #287

A Grave Affair: mourning arts, epitaphs, gravestones Catalog #288

Books on Decorative Arts, including interiors, folk art, metalware & 
textiles Catalog #290

Books on Furniture Catalog #291

Auction Catalogs Catalog #292


Thames & Hudson: 1998. "This catalog, from the Museum of Art, Rhode Island 
School of Design's international traveling exhibition, is an in-depth study 
of ancient Egyptian faience-figures, jewelry, and objects made from a 
non-clay ceramic material with a bright blue or polychrome glazed surface. 
More than 200 pieces spanning 3,000 years are displayed here in 224 color 
plates, with an additional 250 black and white photos and drawings, 
depicting a variety of small domestic items: lidded jars and pots; a 
portable, partitioned inkwell with a rotating top; a royal cosmetic jar; 
inlay tiles; goblets; scarabs; and amulets. Illustrated essays explore the 
meaning of faience within Egyptian culture, discussing its uses, symbolism, 
and technology." Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 288 pages, color and b/w 
illustrations. New. [95046]
Published at $75.00.
Available for a limited time for- $40.00

Jakeman, Jane. IN THE KINGDOM OF MISTS. New York; Berkeley Prime Crime: 
2002. A fun book- a murder mystery novel with the Impressionist painter 
Monet as a main character- "London, 1900: As Monet paints the wintry mists 
over the Thames, the bodies of two young women are dragged from its depths, 
arousing fears of a return of Jack the Ripper. Oliver Craston, a fledgling 
diplomat at the Foreign Office, happens to be nearby when an unrecognizable 
body is pulled from the river, and he is drawn into the police 
investigation. With anti-French sentiment running high in London, his 
superiors want Craston to keep a close eye on Monet and his son. But no one 
knows that the source of the horror-a horror beyond even the imagination of 
an artist-stalks the floor above M. Monet's suite." Hardcover. 6.25"x9.5", 
355 pages, dj. New. [95053]
Published at $23.95.
Available for a limited time for- $10.00

Loring, John. TIFFANY FLORA / TIFFANY FAUNA. New York; Harry N. Abrams: 
2003. A colorful, sumptuous survey of the best and most dramatic in Tiffany 
jewelry in two volumes, one focusing on animals, the other on flowers. "a 
striking visual survey of the unparalleled craftsmanship of Tiffany & Co. 
The effect is like peering into an ark of fantastic, bejeweled 
creatures-winged dragons with fiery eyes clutching beautiful gems; a golden 
parrot in a jaunty diamond cap and blue enameled pantaloons; an extravagant 
wreath of diamond and platinum leaves and flowers; a blushingly suggestive 
enameled orchid; and a Tiffany lamp in blues and greens evoking an 
illuminated wisteria." The pieces illustrated and described range from the 
19th century to the present day. A must-have set for the Tiffany & Co. 
enthusiast. Hardcover. 2 vols. 7.5"x8.5", 128 + 128 pages, color and b/w 
illustrations, dj. New. Slipcased. [95051]
Published at $100.00.
Available for a limited time for- $40.00

Loewer, Peter. JEFFERSON'S GARDEN. Mechanicsburg; Stackpole Books: 2004. 
"Peter Loewer, vice president of the Botanical Gardens at Asheville, North 
Carolina, and the author of The Winter Garden and Thoreau's Garden, 
profiles Thomas Jefferson as gardener and landscape architect. Loewer 
offers essays on the annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and vines that 
Jefferson grew, with entries from his journal. Here too is a survey of the 
importance of seeds in America-crediting the First Gardener with a 
significant contribution to the country's seed heritage-and a portrait of 
Monticello from various historic viewpoints, followed by an account of its 
restoration by the Garden Club of Virginia. The book is handsomely 
presented, with naturalist ink drawings of the plants as chapter headings." 
Hardcover. 6"x8.5", 260 pages, line illustrations, dj. New. [95052]
Published at $21.95.
Available for a limited time for- $10.00

OF THE ANTIQUARIAN BOOK TRADE. New York; Carroll & Graf: 2004. 2nd prtg. 
The story of New York's famous Fourth Avenue- Book Row from the 1890s to 
the 1960s. From the Strand Bookstore which began as a bookstall on 8th, to 
the legendary George D. Smith, poker and horse player, and dozens of other 
colorful, irascible, eccentric, dedicated and unforgettable characters, the 
story of antiquarian and used bookselling in America was epitomized on 
Fourth Avenue over a period of some seven decades. Book Row is gone now- a 
victim of rising rents, chain stores and redevelopment, but its story lives 
on in the pages of this book. Hardcover. 6.5"x9", 405 pages, b/w 
illustrations, dj. New. [95050]
Published at $28.00.
Available for a limited time for- $15.00

- - - - SPEAKING OF BOOKS - - -

Summer is ending in the Pioneer Valley as the days get cooler and the 
nights longer. The fifteen-foot high thistle out by the garage has gone to 
seed and fallen over, and this past weekend Hatfield had its Annual Library 
Sale / Tractor / Vintage Car Show and Volunteer Fire Deptartment Chili & 
Burger Barbeque in front of the Library. The tomatoes and basil and onions 
are all coming in by the bucketful, so its time to make salsa and pasta 
sauce. Very soon now we'll have to watch the weather forecast for word of 

We've had a busy Summer, with several significant collections coming our 
way, some of which you see portions of in this catalog. We have a full 
schedule for the Fall, with catalogs on silver, glass, furniture, and the 
long-awaited new edition of "A Grave Affair" (books on gravestones, 
epitaphs and mourning arts) all due. We don't put catalogs off for want of 
stock- I've had enough "Grave Affair" books set aside to fill a new catalog 
for six months now; rather, they get delayed for lack of time to prepare 
them. Happily, the also-long-awaited "Fire & Ice" catalog has been issued, 
featuring books on lighting, fireplaces, and other uses of fire, and ice 
houses, ice harvesting, icy foods, and other uses of ice. If you'd like a 
copy, please let us know.

We also had a busy Summer on the home front, with new roofs all around 
(boy, does this house have a lot of roofs!), and we finally began to get a 
handle on the gardens. We got a croquet course set up on the side lawn, 
along with a badminton area, and managed a neighborhood Barbeque/ 
Croquet/Badminton Tournament a few weeks ago to everyone's apparent 
satisfaction. At least nobody went home hungry!

So, if you are driving around the Pioneer Valley this Fall and have a 
chance, give us a call and drop by.  We're a few moments down the road from 
Historic Deerfield, two miles from Interstate 91, and reasonably close to 
Amherst, Tanglewood, and other points of Western Massachusetts interest.

We hope you find something of interest here, and until next time, enjoy the 

-Forrest, Betty & Amy

Fine books of the 16th-20th centuries
on the decorative and fine arts & design

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Northampton, Massachusetts 01060 USA
telephone (413) 247-5080

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