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May 8th, 2007.

The Book Elves have always loved gardening, although they tend to have too
little patience to be really successful at it. Plants grow slowly in the
spring, that’s all there is to it, but the Elves are never lacking in
ingenious ways to speed things up. The 50,000-candlepower flood lamps to
give the seedlings 24-hour light for a “jump start” got shut down when the
local owls began going nutty from sleep deprivation. Their next project
for “getting those plants up and running at their full potential” (as they
put it) involved a set of surplus Army “all-weather” loudspeakers, and
endless tape loop, and a set of self-motivation tapes they bought on Ebay.
It didn't end up doing much for the plants, but the local robins have been
building the most amazing nests since they started playing those tapes...

But before they decided to use an old surplus hot-water heater to "bathe"
the soil with hot-water  and we ended up with boiled cabbages and carrots,
they finished our latest catalog-

RECENT ACQUISITIONS for MAY, 2007 is now available as a printed catalog,
or on our website- <http://www.joslinhall.com/Catalog_300.htm>

It features 115 books and catalogs on art and antiques, including
furniture, silver, textiles, painting, metals, ceramics, and glass.
Highlights include-

-A lovely copy of an important 1931 exhibition of American folk art.

-A very uncommon 1916 Pennsylvania Museum furniture exhibition catalog.

-Israel Sack's copy of an important American ceramics book.

-A scarce 1887 book on wig-making.

-The catalog to a very important 1879 Wedgwood exhibition.

-An elegant and unusual 1821 book about a set of silver buttons with
engravings of 'La Chasse', inspired by Napoleon's coat.

-The 1851 memoirs of a famous American folk painter.

-A striking 1867 collection of colored designs for marquetry.

-The catalog to the first exhibition of the Pewter Collector's Club of

-A rare, early Tiffany & Company Centennial Exposition promotional booklet.

-The 1836 biography of the Father of the American Industrial Revolution.

-A scarce 1853 book on Pietre Dure with 2 beautiful colored plates.

and much, much more!

Request your printed copy, or browse the catalog on our website-

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We have recently received several interesting new publisher's overstock

Fennimore, Donald L. & Patricia A. Halfpenny. "CAMPBELL COLLECTION OF SOUP
TUREENS AT WINTERTHUR". Henry Francis Du Pont Winterthur Museum: 2000.
“Illustrated with color photographs throughout, this catalog highlights
121 important tureens, ladles, soup plates, bowls, and spoons from the
collection given to the Winterthur Museum in Delaware by the Campbell
Museum in 1996. Along with presenting fine examples of the silversmith's
and ceramist's art, the collection illustrates the broader history of
dining practices, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries." Softcover.
9”x12”, 260 pages, many color and a few b/w illustrations. New. [95074]

Published for $39.95.
Available for a limited time for $20.00

Harry N. Abrams: 2004. “Since its founding in 1903 Steuben glass has
evolved to become the epitome of American crystal, a gift of presidents,
and the treasured possession of generations of collectors. Mary Jean
Madigan's text emphasizes the years after 1933, when Arthur Amory Houghton
Jr. curtailed the production of colored art wares to focus on making ‘the
most perfect crystal the world has ever known.’ ” The text and
illustrations provide a breathtaking survey of the glass itself, as well
as many behind-the-scenes period photos of the workmen, studios and
showrooms as they have appeared over the past six decades. Hardcover.
9”x11”, 144 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New. [95075]

Published for $29.95.
Available for a limited time for $20.00

MOST AMAZING TOOLS".  Newtown; The Taunton Press: 2004. Over the centuries
craftsmen have transformed inherently humble objects- drills, saws, planes
and levels, into works of art. This beautiful book offers a breathtaking
tour of antique tools that rarely leave the jealous hands of their owners.
In more than 375 color photographs we see tools ranging from calipers in
the shape of ballerinas to a drill shaped like a violin. The old,
hand-polished woods gleam, the antique brass shines, and the dedication
and imagination of hundreds of anonymous craftsmen from other times is
evident on every page. Hardcover. 9.5”x10”, 210 pages, packed with color
illustrations, dj. New. [95073]

Published for $37.00.
Available for a limited time for $20.00

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After a cold start, Spring has finally hit Foggygates- the daffodils we
“naturalized” in the lawn last fall are blooming, there are a pair of
mourning doves making a nest in the bushes by the garage, and the new
woodchipper is hard at work on the piles of brush we collected last fall
and this spring.

A quick trip to New York city in mid-April resulted in a discovery in
Central Park- they have almost finished the restoration of the beautiful
Minton tile ceiling in the “Bethesda Terrace”, a broad walkway under a
sandstone bridge in the heart of the park. Installed in 1910, the ceiling
was taken down in the 1980s after rain water seeping through the road
above it rusted out the iron supports. But the 15,000-tile ceiling is
almost all back up now, and they are also cleaning and restoring the wall
paintings- the walkway was reopened in early March, and it’s a sight worth
seeing if you are in New York.

We hope you find something of interest in our new catalog, and until next
time, enjoy the Spring!

-Forrest, Betty & Amy
    (& Freckles, Pyewackett & Ike the horse say ‘hello’ as well)

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Please check out our new MAY Catalog if you have a chance!

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