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[Americana] Brazer, Esther S.  EARLY AMERICAN DECORATION.  A Comprehensive
Treatise Revealing the technique involved in the art of early American
decoration of furniture, walls, tinware, etc.  Springfield; Pond-Eckberg
Company: 1950. 3rd printing.  Esther Brazer was one of the most
influential writers on the subject of tinware decoration of the past fifty
years. Her interests lay both in antique and new specimens, and she spends
as much time discussing techniques as she does antiques. This classic
study covers all aspects of tinware decoration, as well as furniture
painting, antique japanning, Colonial woodwork and Colonial wall
decorations.  Hardcover.  8.5"x11", 265 pages, profusely illustrated in
b/w and color. A little light wear.  [37185]  $40.00

DEYERLE.  New York; Sotheby's: May 26-27th, 1995. Sale 6716.  An immense
collection featuring fine American country and folk items- furniture,
ceramics, figurines, paintings, etc., as well as some very nice pieces of
early American formal furniture as well. What is really outstanding about
this collection is the fine eye of the collector –the pieces are not just
rare, but fine and interesting. Dr. Deyerle [1917-1994], described by
Wendell Garrett in the introduction to this catalog as a “cultivated
Virginia gentleman”, was the descendant of 1730s Alsatian settlers in the
Shenandoah Valley. In the 1950s he began to collect Pennsylvania-German
pottery and frakturs, and soon branched out to furniture and other
antiques from the New England and Atlantic states, but Virginia and the
Pennsylvania-German areas were always his focus. Garrett notes- “it is the
quantity and quality of those antiques from the Great Valley of Virginia
that make the Deyerle Collection the largest and finest of its kind”. 
Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 400 pages, 802 lots, profusely illustrated in
color and b/w. Light wear.  [37184]  $45.00

[Americana] Kauffman, Henry J. & Quentin H. Bowers.  EARLY AMERICAN
 A standard text which covers the development of design, materials and
manufacture of andirons in America, includes biographical notes on major
andiron makers, and also discusses production process such as iron- and
brass-founding. A respected, well illustrated study; there is also
discussion of bed warmers, dutch ovens, kettles, bellows, etc.  Hardcover.
7.5"x10", 192 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear.  [37218]  $65.00

[Architecture] Colvin, Howard.  UNBUILT OXFORD.  New Haven; Yale
University Press: 1983.  “The city of Oxford has one of the most
remarkable concentrations of beautiful buildings in Europe, and the story
of its unbuilt edifices is a fascinating addition to the history of
architecture. This book explores the most interesting of the many abortive
building schemes in Oxford, from the missing nave of New College Chapel in
the fourteenth century, through projects of such major and influential
architects as Wren, Hawksmoor, Gibbs, Wyatt, Pugin and Jackson, to the
unexecuted designs of the twentieth century”.  Softcover. 7.5”x10”, 198
pages, many black & white and several color illustrations. Minor wear. 
[37200]  $25.00

[Architecture] Peterson, Charles E. (ed.).  THE CARPENTERS’ COMPANY OF THE
Introduction by Charles E. Peterson.  Princeton; The Pyne Press: 1971.  A
facsimile, with additional commentary, of one of the few surviving copies
of this very early American price and pattern book. The Carpenters’
Company book included patterns and price suggestions for windows,
doorways, columns, fences, mantels, moldings, sashes, stairs, and more. 
Hardcover. 6”x9”, xxiii + xv + 47 pages, plus 35 b/w plates with facing
descriptions, dust jacket. Label on jacket, minor soil.  [37215]  $25.00

[Architecture] Prokopoff, Stephen S. & Joan C. Siegfried.  THE
Saving in New York State.  New York State Council on the Arts: 1970.  A
wonderful survey of private Victorian homes and some civic, commercial and
church buildings.  Softcover. 7”x8”, 104 pages, black & white
illustrations. Minor wear.  [37191]  $25.00

[Art Nouveau] Ulmer, Renate.  ALFONS MUCHA. The Master of Art Nouveau. 
Benedikt Taschen: 1994.  A well-illustrated survey of posters, graphics,
drawings, and even some jewelry, by this famed Art Nouveau artist. 
Hardcover. 7”x9”, 95 pages, many color and some black & white
illustrations. Minor soil.  [37172]  $25.00

[Art] Armstrong, Tom, et al.  200 YEARS OF AMERICAN SCULPTURE.  David R.
Godine in association with the Whitney Museum of Art: 1976.  The work of
more than 140 sculptors is shown in this wide-ranging survey which takes
the story of American sculpture from its aboriginal roots to the
contemporary courtyard. Wayne Craven writes about wood, marble and bronze
work from 1776 to 1900; Tom Armstrong addresses folk sculpture; Daniel
Robbins contributes a chapter on the 1890s to 1930s, and Rosalind Krauss
writes on the “Decades of Transformation” from the 1930s-50s, and so on.
There is also an extensive section of sculptor biographies and a
wide-ranging bibliography.  Softcover. 9”x12”, 336 pages, color and b/w
illustrations. Minor wear, light soil.  [37161]  $35.00

[Art] Bedford, Faith Andrews.  THE SPORTING ART OF FRANK W. BENSON. 
Boston; David R. Godine: 2000.  “Frank Benson, a pivotal artist of the
American Impressionist movement had, it would seem, three great loves in
his long and productive life: his family, his art, and the sporting life.
As a boy, Benson dreamed of being an ornithological illustrator. In
mid-life, after an extremely successful career as a portraitist and
painter of plein air canvases, he returned to the wildfowl and sporting
subjects that were his lifelong passion. Over the next forty years, in
etching, lithography, watercolor, and oil and wash, he portrayed birds
beloved since childhood, scenes of his hunting and fishing expeditions,
and still lives of incomparable delicacy. Whether painting a hunter
setting out decoys, a wash of geese by moonlight, a watercolor of a
companion poised to gaff a salmon, or an etching of a group of ducks
silently gliding in for a landing, Benson conveyed the joy and beauty of a
sportsman's life”.  Hardcover. 11.5”x9.5”, 272 pages, color and black &
white illustrations, dust jacket. Minor wear.  [37209]  $30.00

[Art] Fischer, Jacques.  THE FRENCH BRONZE, 1500 to 1800.  New York; M.
Knoedler & Co.: 1968.  An exhibition catalog which deserves far more
attention than it is usually given. It covers a most-neglected area of
collecting- French bronze figures of the 17th and 18th centuries, and
features a most literate foreword by F.J.B. Watson entitled “A Plea for
the Study of French Bronzes”. The catalog itself is quite elegant- with
its wide margins for the text pages, full-page black & white plates of
excellent quality, and overall “feel” it reminds one of the elegant
auction catalog of the 1920s and 30s. It comes as no surprise, therefore,
to find that it was set in type by the Stinehour Press, printed at the
Meriden Gravure Company, and designed by Leonard Baskin.  Softcover.
8.5”x11”, 200+ pages, 95 black & white plates. Minor soil, light wear. 
[37198]  $35.00

[Art] Knowlton, Helen M.  ART-LIFE OF WILLIAM MORRIS HUNT.  Boston;
Little, Brown, and Company: 1899.  An important record of Hunt’s life and
work by one of his pupils, who had access to the artist’s papers and notes
after his death. Though anecdotal (and a bit stuffy) in tone, Knowlton’s
close association with Hunt makes this an interesting work to this day.
Karpel I-966.  Hardcover. 5.5”x8”, 219 pages, 16 black & white plates.
Publisher’s green and gilt-decorated cloth. Minor soil.  [37167]  $45.00

[Art] Larkin, Susan G.  THE COS COB ART COLONY. Impressionists on the
Connecticut Shore.  Yale University Press/National Academy of Design:
2001.  “What Argenteuil in the 1870s was to French Impressionists, Cos Cob
between 1890 and 1920 was to American Impressionists Childe Hassam,
Theodore Robinson, John Twachtman, J. Alden Weir, and their followers.
These artists and writers came together to work in the modest Cos Cob
section of Greenwich, Connecticut, testing new styles and new themes in
the stimulating company of colleagues. This beautiful book is the first to
examine the art colony at Cos Cob and the role it played in the
development of American Impressionist art.”  Hardcover. 9.5”x10”, 246
pages, 77 color and 62 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Fine. 
[37165]  $50.00

[Art] Priest, Alan.  THE SCULPTURE OF JOSEPH COLETTI.  New York/London;
Macmillan/Collie-Macmillan: 1968.  The first full-length monograph on
Joseph Arthur Coletti [1898-1973], who was based in Quincy, Massachusetts.
 Hardcover. 9.5”x12.5”, 173 pages, 132 plates, several in color. Minor
wear.  [37210]  $45.00

[Art] Smith, Philip Chadwick Foster.  MORE MARINE PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS
IN THE PEABODY MUSEUM.  Salem The Peabody Museum of Salem: 1979.  A
catalog of paintings and drawings given to the Museum between 1967 and
1977, as well as logbooks, and corrections to the first catalog of the
collection (published in 1968).  Hardcover. 8.5”x11”, 166 pages, black &
white and color illustrations, dust jacket. Light wear.  [37219]  $85.00

[Art] Stevens, MaryAnne (ed.).  THE ORIENTALISTS: Delacroix to Matisse.
The Allure of North Africa and the Near East.  New York; Thames & Hudson:
1984.  The catalog to an important loan exhibition held at London’s Royal
Academy, which then traveled to the National Gallery of Art in Washington.
In addition to the catalog of the paintings and their illustrations, the
text includes four essays: Western Art and its Encounter with the Islamic
Word, by Maryanne Stevens – The Orient and the West from Bonaparte to T.E.
Lawrence, by Robert Irwin – “Innocents Abroad”: Nineteenth-Century Artists
and Travelellers in North Africa and the Near East, by Caroline Bugler –
The Question of Faith: Orientalism, Christianity and Islam, by Malcom
Warner.  Hardcover. 9”x11.5”, 235 pages, color and black & white
illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket with light wear.  [37169]  $50.00

[Art] WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN ART. Volume III, for the Years 1940-41. 
Washington; The American Federation of Arts: 1940.  A valuable resource
for identifying mid-20th century American painters and sculptors. 
Hardcover. 6.5”x9”, 790 pages. Minor wear.  [37192]  $40.00

Manchester; Hudson Hills Press, in association with the Portland Museum of
Art: 2005.  “Among the first generation of American modernist painters,
Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) rose to national fame between the world wars as
a visual poet of the natural world. A master of many media, Kent created
an oeuvre and a signature style that endure for their timeless, mythic
qualities. The evolution of Kent's artistry and his engagement with modern
art and ideas are the subjects of this landmark book, which accompanies an
exhibition marking the centenary of his arrival on Maine's Monhegan Island
in June 1905. Organized by the Portland Museum of Art, Maine, the
exhibition reunites choice works not publicly seen in several generations,
including many from the Pushkin and Hermitage museums in Russia. Kent
advanced his modernist vision during sojourns in Greenland, and he crossed
over into popular culture through illustrations for such literary classics
as Candide, Canterbury Tales, Moby Dick, and Paul Bunyan. This extensively
researched volume offers fresh insights into the spiritual and
intellectual influences guiding Kent, including his early study with
Arthur Wesley Dow, a key proponent of innovative theories of design and
composition. It disentangles the strands of Kent's diverse stylistic
achievements and exposes his double identity as Jazz Age humorist. As
"Hogarth, Jr." he contributed sparkling ink drawings of modern life that
captivated readers of Harper's Weekly, the New York Tribune, and Vanity
Fair. Rounding out this wide-ranging study is a full list of Kent's solo
exhibitions and a detailed chronology of his life”.  Hardcover. 10”x11”,
188 pages, color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Minor wear.
 [37211]  $250.00

Ashton, Geoffrey, et al.  ROYAL OPERA HOUSE RETROSPECTIVE 1732-1982. 
London; Lund Humphries: 1982.  “250 years of actors, singers, dancers,
managers, and musicians of Covent Garden seen through the eyes of
artists”. The catalog for an exhibition held at the Royal Academy
Burlington House.  Softcover. 8”x9.5”, 144 pages, many black & white and
several color illustrations. Minor wear.  [37199]  $20.00

VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS.  Richmond; Virginia Museum of Fine Arts:
1994.  The catalog to an exhibition of 111 advertising posters from the
Museum’s collection. There are 45 artists represented, including Maxfield
Parrish, Charles Dana Gibson, Will Bradley, W.W. Denslow, J. C.
Leyendecker, , Edward Penfield, and Maurice Pendergast. In addition to
notes on the individual posters, there are essays on the art & technology
of poster design and production.  Softcover. 9”x11”, 111 pages, color and
black & white illustrations. Minor wear.  [37193]  $35.00

[Ceramics] NORTH CAROLINA POTTERY. The Collection of The Mint Museums. 
University of North Carolina Press: 2004.  Noted for this rich tradition
from Seagrove to Pisgah, work produced here has earned the attention of
collectors, artists, and visitors from around the globe. The collection of
The Mint Museums in Charlotte, numbering more than 1,600 pieces, is
considered the most comprehensive in any public institution. This volume
catalogs more than four hundred individual pieces in the Museums'
collection and includes five essays by authorities in the field of
ceramics, providing a visual and textual guide to a vibrant living
tradition. Illustrated with hundreds of color photographs, the catalog
includes descriptive entries on potters and potteries and details about
individual pieces.  Softcover. 9”x12”, 212 pages, many color and some
black & white illustrations. Near fine.  [37206]  $27.00

Newtown; Merry Walk: 1987.  A survey of private collections of Quimper
pottery in America and France. An interesting approach to the topic, even
if some of the photographs are so dark that one is sad that the author did
not invest in a larger flash-bulb. The rather odd motif of two large vases
offset by an even larger cabbage is also something of a mystery, but such
quirks only make the book more enjoyable.  Hardcover. 8.5”x11”, 96 pages,
color illustrations, dust jacket. Light wear.  [37162]  $40.00

Descriptive Listing, Including Rarity and Prices.  Published by the author
in 1976. 2nd revised edition.  A standard guide to currency of the
Confederacy, by state, as well as other southern state currency of the
antebellum period, including Territory of Florida and Republic of Texas
bills.  Hardcover. 6”x9”, 294 pages, black & white illustrations.
Inscribed by the author. Minor soil, some pencil notes.  [37179]  $45.00

New York; Hirschl & Adler Folk: 1988.  An exceptionally interesting
exhibition of folk art fakes and frauds, a joint effort of the Museum of
American Folk Art and Hirschl & Adler Folk, with Sam Pennington of the
Maine Antique Digest as Guest Curator. The exhibition was especially
effective because in most instances the organizers were able to buy or
borrow real examples of similar folk art to be exhibited beside the fakes.
Pieces include furniture, carvings, paintings, decoys, quilts,
weathervanes, frakturs, pottery, boxes, and related items. Sam
Pennington's introductory essay is a valuable, insightful and entertaining
piece of writing, and this remains an essential and cautionary reference
which should inform and teach, not instill trepidation. As Pennington
writes- "Fakes are not all bad. They add a certain spice to the quest for
the antique. I am indebted to Charles Hamilton, the rare documents expert,
for the thought that if everything was as it was purported to be,
collecting would be a pretty dull sport".  Softcover. 8.5"x11", 71 pages,
black & white illustrations. A little wear, but overall in fine, nice
condition.  [37197]  $45.00

MONUMENTAL BRASSES.  London; Alexander Moring Ltd.: 1906.   One
longstanding tool of clothing and costume historians is to study
monumental brasses of the Medieval Period through the 16th and 17th
centuries to see how people were dressed during various periods.  Given
the large variety of figures, both male and female, from many walks of
life pictured on these brasses, they form a readily available source for
ideas about the costuming of the upper and military and ecclesiastical
classes. This early study groups the brasses, as they usually are grouped,
by type of dress and gender.  Hardcover. 6”x9”, xxii + 384 pages, many b/w
plates. Light wear, a nice copy.  [37212]  $50.00

[Folk Art] Bird, Michael & Terry Kobayashi.  A SPLENDID HARVEST.  GERMANIC
FOLK AND DECORATIVE ARTS OF CANADA.  New York; Van Nostrand Reinhold:
1981.  A survey of furniture, pottery, textiles, drawings, carvings,
gravestones, metalwork and other folk arts and crafts. German-Canadians
form Canada's third largest cultural group, and this book covers the work
of immigrated Pennsylvania-Germans, and Continental Germans who came to
the Maritimes, Onatario and the Prairies, as well as Mennonites and
Hutterites.  Hardcover. 9"x10", 240 pages, profusely illustrated in color
and b&w, dust jacket. Signed by both authors. Minor wear.  [37188]  $45.00

[Folk Art] Bird, Michael S.  ONTARIO FRAKTUR. A Pennsylvania-German Folk
Tradition in Early Canada.  Toronto; M.F. Feheley Publishers Ltd.: 1977. 
A beautiful study with numerous illustrations, focusing on a group of
Mennonite communities which were formed near Ontario.  Hardcover.
10"x8.5", 144 pages, 242 color  and black & white illustrations, dust
jacket. Light wear.  [37187]  $45.00

[Folk Art] Blanchette, Jean-Francois, et al.  FROM THE HEART. FOLK ART IN
CANADA.  Toronto; McClelland and Stewart in association with National
Museum of Man & the National Museums of Canada: 1983.  A very
well-illustrated catalog to an exhibition of 19th and 20th century folks
arts in Canada. The items include carvings, furniture, textiles,
sculpture, toys, paintings, and other folk crafts. Four 20th century folk
artists are also featured- Nelphas Prevost, Sam Spencer, Frank Kocevar,
and George Cockayne.  Hardcover. 10.5”x10”, 256 pages, color and black &
white illustrations, dust jacket. Minor wear.  [37189]  $50.00

[Folk Art] Dewhurst, C. Kurt, Betty MacDowell & Marsha MacDowell.  ARTISTS
IN APRONS. FOLK ART BY AMERICAN WOMEN.  New York; E.P. Dutton & The Museum
of American Folk Art: 1979.  An important study of folk arts by American
women which accompanied a show of the same name (though this is not a
catalog of the show, per se). Textiles, drawings, watercolors and other
folk arts are included, and each one was created by known and named female
artist. Most of the 125 items in the show are illustrated as an
accompaniment to the text which explores the world these women worked in
and how their art developed over the decades of the 18th and 19th and
early 20th centuries.  Softcover. 6”x9”, 202 pages, 26 color and 152 black
& white illustrations. Some cover wear.  [37178]  $25.00

Manchester; Currier Gallery of Art: 1989.  A loan exhibition of 17th-20th
century work, mostly paintings and works on paper, including portraits,
mourning pictures, landscapes, family records, etc.; there were also
examples of folk sculpture, carved  and painted signs, wall paintings,
decoys, and more.  Softcover. 8.5”x10”, 122 pages, color and b/w
illustrations; bibliography. Light wear.  [37186]  $40.00

[Furniture] Howe, Katherine S., et al.  HERTER BROTHERS. FURNITURE AND
INTERIORS FOR A GILDED AGE.  Harry N. Abrams in association with the
Houston Museum of Fine Arts: 1994.  The profusely-illustrated, scholarly,
and detailed catalog to a groundbreaking loan exhibition of the Victorian
cabinetwork and interiors of Gustave and Christian Herter. A variety of
furniture scholars, including Katherine S. Howe, Alice C. Frelinghuysen,
Catherine H. Voorsanger, and Simon Jervis expound on various aspects of
the Herter’s work history, there are illustrations and descriptions of the
furniture examples themselves, a detailed and in-depth chronology of the
firm’s achievements, and several pictorial appendices showing details of
Herter marquetry, caring, and hardware. A model catalog.  Softcover.
8.5”x11”, 272 pages, color and black & white illustrations. Minor wear. 
[37204]  $85.00

[Furniture] Newman, Bruce M. & Alastair Duncan.  FANTASY FURNITURE.  New
York; Rizzoli: 1989.  This book must have been fun to put together –it’s a
gorgeous and breathtaking compendium of Victorian and Art Nouveau “odd”
furniture from Europe, America and the Far East. Included are Grotto
furniture from Venice, horn and Antler furniture from Germany and the
American West, Grotesque and Mythological furniture, Belle Epoque
furniture, Black Forest furniture from Switzerland, and other examples of
root, twig, bentwood, iron, bamboo and wicker furniture, all of which you
stare at and say, “I’m supposed to sit on that??”.  Hardcover. 9”x12”, 199
pages, many color and several black & white illustrations, dust jacket.
Minor wear.  [37205]  $100.00

[Glass] Lee, Ruth Webb.  VICORIAN GLASS. Specialties of the Nineteenth
Century.  Rutland; Charles Tuttle Company: 1985.  First published in 1944,
this is a standard reference work on the history of American 19th century
Victorian glass in all its fads and fancies. About half the book is
devoted to one of Lee’s favorite topics- pattern glass and its many
varieties. The remainder of the book covers water sets, butter dishes,
milk glass, table settings, figured glass, novelties, animal dishes, glass
hats, glass shoes, vases, peachblow, Burmese, cut and decorated glass.
Much fun for everyone.  Hardcover. 5.5”x8.5”, 608 pages, 260 black & white
illustrations, dust jacket. Minor wear.  [37214]  $30.00

THE CAMBRIDGE CEMETERY, November 1, 1854, by John A. Albro, D.D., together
with Preliminary Remarks by His Honor the Mayor.  Cambridge
[Massachusetts]; Metcalf and Company: 1854.  John A. Albro was the Pastor
of the historic First Church of Cambridge from 1835 to 1867.  Softcover.
6”x8.5”, 35 pages; original publisher’s paper covers, lacks rear cover and
front cover detached and chipped but present; spine missing; string bound
and separating into about four distinct signatures; small stamp and pen
note on cover; contents slightly soiled, but nice.  [37194]  $50.00

WALES...with Notes, Forms, and Practical Instructions.  London; W.
Maxwell: 1855.  Up to about 1850 the state of burial law in England was
virtually nonexistent –quite literally, anything went, with resulting
problems which can be only too well imagined. Starting in 1850 a
succession of Burial Acts and Revisions were enacted that attempted to
bring the chaos into order and safeguard the health of the public and the
dignity of the dead. Baker, a barrister of the Inner Temple specializing
in Burial Acts, has here set forth the news laws in their entirety, with
all the revisions properly inserted. Topics covered include the closure of
old burial grounds; the appointment of Burial Boards; proceedings of
Burial Boards; the provision of new burial grounds; the rights of parties
regarding fees; registration of burials; rating and protection of new
burial grounds; reception and conveyance of the dead; burial of poor
persons; and regulation by the Secretary of State. This is followed by the
texts of the Acts, and that is followed by a section of forms for various
purposes. A comprehensive and fascinating look at Victorian Burial Law
reform. Uncommon.  Hardcover. 4.5”x7.5”, v + 173 pages; publisher’s
original black textured cloth with gilt cover title; light internal soil;
old bookplate; a very nice copy.  [37195]  $350.00

[Gravestones] Berg, Charles W.  CONFESSIONS OF AN UNDERTAKER.  Wichita;
McCormick-Armstrong Press: 1920.  A critical look at the inside of the
funeral business by a lifelong undertaker. His general outlook is summed
up best by a few quotes from the last chapter- "Why is it...that we still
persist in making such gruesome affairs of funerals? No sooner does some
loved one pass from our vision to a better life than we immediately darken
the house, bolt every shutter, draw every curtain, go around on tip-toe
and speak in whispers, hang that abomination of all funerals, a strip of
crepe paper, on the door, and fairly swathe ourselves in deepest black,
until the house becomes verily a place to flee from? Nor is there anything
quite so barbarous as the present custom...of 'viewing the remains' by a
motley collection of persons, many of whom never knew the dead in life, or
if they did, never thought enough of him to come and see him. Only second
to this (is the) mental caliber of a community that bases the popularity
of a man on the length of his 'funeral procession'." And so on...  The
chapters include: Custom: Its Influence on Observances in Connection with
Death and Burial – Coffin-Seller to Funeral Director – The Modern
Undertaking Establishment – Embalming: As Practiced Today – Funeral
Merchandise and Professional Services – Funeral Arrangement – Military and
Fraternity Funerals – The Inside of the Undertaking Business – The
Undertaker’s Profits – Earth-Burial, Mausoleums, and Cremation. A very
uncommon book in the marketplace.  Hardcover. 5"x7.5", 114 pages;
publisher’s sky-blue ribbed cloth with gilt titles; light soil, a little
wear.  [37175]  $200.00

[Gravestones] Brydges, Sir Egerton (ed.).  SELECT FUNERAL MEMORIALS. 
Kent; Printed at the private press of Lee Priory by John Warwick: 1818.
Edition probably limited to 100 copies.  A collection of excerpts from
funeral and memorial sermons, collected by Brydges (1762-1837), an
antiquarian, author and editor who ran the private press at Lee Priory. He
notes “I have found that among heaps of Funeral Sermons there are
intermixed many eloquent and beautiful memorials which ought to be rescued
from oblivion...I have adopted therefore the plan...to preserve these
relics, as they occur to me amidst the multifarious researches to which my
wandering curiosity impels me”. The collection begins with Sidney
Godolphin’s 17th century “An Epitaph Upon the Lady Rich”, which eventually
brings the editor to Sidney Godolphin’s own death and memorial. He then
moves through 5 other Memorial pieces, to end with an extended entry upon
the death of Henry, Prince of Wales, in 1613, which includes Henry
Chapman’s epic “An Epicede, or Funeral Song: On the most disastrous Death
of the High-born Prince of Men, Henry Prince of Wales”. An interesting
early 19th century selection of 17th century funeral and memorial verse
and texts. The Lee Priory Press operated from 1813 to 1824, reprinting a
number of texts of Antiquarian interest. An 1823 circular and list of the
Press’s titles states that each title was limited to 100 copies. It also
states that a second part of our title was eventually published, although
this first part is complete in itself.  Hardcover. 7.5”x10”, v + 70 pages,
title page with an engraved vignette, plus several decorated initial
letters, head and tailpieces. Bound into modern blue boards; clean,
wide-margined and a choice specimen.  [37196]  $450.00

[Gravestones] Linden-Ward, Blanche.  SILENT CITY ON A HILL. LANDSCAPES AND
Press: 1989.  A complete illustrated history and survey of Cambridge’s
(not Boston’s) Mount Auburn Cemetery, the first garden cemetery in
America. An outstanding, well documented, heavily illustrated book. 
Hardcover. 8.5”x11”, 403 pages, b/w illustrations dj; bibliography; light
wear; jacket with several tears.  [37213]

[Gravestones] Ravenshaw, Thomas F.  ANTIENTE EPITAPHS (from A.D. 1250 to
A.D. 1800) Collected & sett forth in Chronological order.  London; Joseph
Masters & Co.: 1878.  A twenty-five year collection of English epitaphs
from ancient tablets, brasses, and headstones. The author has arranged
them chronologically, to show the changes of style between ages, a very
interesting idea.  Hardcover. 5.5"x8.75", 196 pages, folding lithographed
frontispiece. Light wear.  [37217]  $75.00

[Maritime] Smith, Edgar Newbold.  AMERICAN NAVAL BROADSIDES. A Collection
of Early Naval Prints (1745-1815).  Philadelphia Maritime Museum &
Clarkson N. Potter: 1974.  A very well-illustrated study of American
naval-themed prints from the collection of Edgar Newbold Smith. Separate
chapters cover the Colonial period, the American Revolution, the Federal
Period, the war with Tripoli, and the War of 1812.  Hardcover. 8.5”x11”,
225 pages, 92 color and 23 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Minor
soil.  [37163]  $45.00

Hyannis; Richard A. Bourne Co., Inc.: October 29th, 1980.  The very fine
auction catalog of this unbelievable collection, which was started in 1949
and included many unique examples. Hardbound and fully illustrated in
color and black & white.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", about 300 pages, 382 lots,
filled with color and b/w illustrations. Fine condition.  [37182]  $75.00

[Militaria]  THE WILLIAM LOCKE COLLECTION.  East Point, GA; The Antique
Armory Inc.: 1973.  Over the course of many decades of serious and
tireless collecting, William M. Locke amassed what has been called the
finest and most collection of American firearms ever assembled. This
massive catalog illustrates and describes these thousands of firearms,
from the ordinary to many, many examples of the extraordinary and unique. 
Hardcover. 8.5”x11.5”, 541 pages, 31 color and hundreds of black & white
illustrations. Minor wear.  [37183]  $85.00

[Militaria] Dexter, F. Theodore.  FORTY-TWO YEARS’ SCRAPBOOK OF RARE
ANCIENT FIREARMS.  Los Angeles; Warren F. Lewis, Publisher: 1954. Edition
limited to 2,000 copies.  An interesting and curious collection of
writings on antique firearms, European, English and American, of the 16th
through 19th centuries (there are a few crossbows and edged weapons as
well). The emphasis is on earlier, finer, firearms, mostly pistols, and
the author begins with a chapter about collecting antique firearms,
followed by illustrations and descriptions of some very fine early guns.
There chapters devoted to the Walter J. Charnley Collection, the Frank E.
Bivens, Jr. Collection, the Charles H. Moses Collection, American martial
pistols and related rarities, how arms can be used to decorate an office,
and suggestions for using firearms in heraldry. All in all an interesting
“scrapbook”, focused on museum-quality material.  Hardcover. 9”x11.5”, 320
pages, black & white illustrations. Minor soil.  [37181]  $85.00

[Militaria] Wilkinson, Frederick.  BATTLE DRESS. A Gallery of Military
Style and Ornament.  New York; Doubleday & Company: 1970.  Ranging from
ancient Rome to the end of World War II, the bulk of this fine work is
devoted to English uniforms, badges and accoutrements, with an additional
chapter on German items, but there are also a scattering of other European
countries represented, and a chapter on Oriental items.  Hardcover.
7”x9.5”, 256 + xvi pages, 32 color and 217 black & white illustrations,
dust jacket. Minor wear.  [37180]  $25.00

and 2.  New York; Christie’s: September 19, 2007 [and] March 19, 2008. 
Mary Margaret Young and her husband Maurice began collecting snuff bottles
in the 1960s, and eventually built one of the finest private collections
of rare Chinese snuff bottles of the 20th century. Mrs Young worked with
top dealers and other collectors, including Hugh Moss, who was cataloging
her collection at the time of her death. These two beautifully
illustrated, scholarly catalogs illustrate and describe these rare and
superb bottles in great detail.  2 volumes. Hardcover. 8.5”x11”, 244
pages, 107 lots [and]  200 pages, 113 lots. Color illustrations. Minor
soil.  [37208]  $125.00

HIROSHIGE.  Honolulu; East-West Center Press: 1966. 3rd printing.  In the
1830s master Japanese woodcut artist Utagawa Hiroshige created his famed
“Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido” series of woodblock prints, showing
each of the 53 way-stations used by travelers passing along the national
highway between Tokyo and Kyoto. These prints are reproduced here at just
under full-size along with scholarly commentary by Ichitaro Kondo. A
lovely production of a classic of Japanese printmaking.  Hardcover.
12”x8.5”, 12 pages plus 55 color plates and facing descriptions, dust
jacket. Minor soil, light wear.  [37207]  $85.00

Schiffer Publishing: 1979.  A popular study of the history and development
of the tobacco-smoking pipe as an art form. Rapaport “has assembled fact
and fancy, history laced with humor, and a chronological collection of
pipes”. He covers pipe history, styles, and materials. There are briars
and corn cobs, meerschaum, porcelain, ivory, amber, silver, gold,
semi-precious stones and rare woods.  Hardcover. 7.5”x10.5”, 254 pages,
black & white and color illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket worn.  [37174] 

[Silver] Doty, Robert M. (ed.).  HENRY PETZAL / SILVERSMITH. Manchester
Currier Gallery of Art: 1987.  Henry Petzal [1907–2002] came to the United
States as a German refugee in 1936 and worked as head of production in a
textile firm. Then in 1957, while rummaging around in his garage, he found
a set of metalworking tools and some sheet brass, and made a dish, and
within two years he had set himself up a silversmithing workshop. His
greatest inspirations seem to be the nature-inspired designs of the
Chinese potter and silversmith. His works are held in the permanent
collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Chicago Museum of Fine
Arts, the Silversmith's Museum in London England. The largest collection
is at the Mingei Museum in San Diego and the Mingei International Museum.
This exhibition of his work drew on both private and public collections.
The catalog text includes an appreciation of Petzal by Robert Doty and a
short memoir by Petzal himself.  Softcover. 60 pages, many b/w
illustrations. Signed on the title page. Minor soil.  [37201]  $35.00

[Silver] Fleming, E. McClung, et al.  SPANISH, FRENCH AND ENGLKISH
Conference Report.  Major Addresses and Exhibition Catalogue.  Winterthur;
Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1969.  Includes essays on
Colonial Mexican silver by Richard Ahlborn, French Colonial silver in
Canada by John Langdon, and American silver and church plate by John D.
Davis, Anthony N.B. Garvan, and Frank H. Sommer III.  Softcover. 
8.5"x11", 109 pages, some b/w illustrations; light wear.  [37177]  $150.00

Carbondale; Southern Illinois University Press: 2005.  A comprehensive
study of Missouri's 19th century silversmiths, their marks, and the silver
they made.  Hardcover. 6"x9", 169 pages, black & white illustrations, dust
jacket. Fine.  [37216]  $50.00

[Textiles] Anderson, Clarita S.  FIGURES & FANCY. WEAVERS OF WAYNE COUNTY,
NEW YORK.  Wayne County Historical Society: 1996.  A catalog of the works
of 13 identified 19th century coverlet weavers from Wayne County, New
York.  Softcover. 10”x9”, 93 pages, black & white and color illustrations.
Minor soil.  [37190]  $40.00

[Textiles] Bosker, Gideon, Michele Mancini & John Gramstad.  FABULOUS
FABRICS OF THE ‘50s (And Other Terrific Textiles of the 20s, 30s, and 40s.
 San Francisco; Chronicle Books: 1992.  Wow.  Softcover. 10”x10”, 119
pages, color illustrations. Minor wear.  [37173]  $30.00

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