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In the years I have been relating the adventures of the Book Elves there 
is one topic I have never broached: What did the Book Elves do before 
they became Book Elves? Even though they refuse to discuss the issue, 
there are some intriguing clues. The tendency of a few of them to use 
long-distance trucker slang may or may not have relevance. Several of 
them sport tattoos whose origins and meanings are reminiscent of places 
with the tang of salt sea air and the throb of freighter engines, and 
the deep and sometimes arcane knowledge with which three of the Book 
Elves discuss explosives can be downright unsettling. And then there’s 
the book Elf everybody calls “Frodo”…

…but before the Book Elves became the subject of my irresponsible 
speculation on their past professions and trades, they finished our 
latest catalog-

“Jack of All Trades: A Survey of 19th Century American Business Cards”

which may be viewed or downloaded as a .pdf file here ->


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