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Tue May 2 11:43:26 EDT 2017

The Book Elves like to win, and in the Summertime “winning” to the Book 
Elves means that their garden has the first harvestable cucumbers and 
peppers, and the first red, ripe tomatoes. And for that they need the 
earliest start they can get in the Spring; and for that, they need warm 
soil. For years the Book Elves did what all other New England gardeners 
do to help their garden soil warm up- they prayed, and then cursed the 
weatherman. Last Spring they decided to take a slightly more “proactive” 
approach, and it was working until the Spring winds whipped their 
earth-warming bonfires out of control and provided the local 
neighborhood with quite a bit more excitement than anyone was planning 

Having been warned by the local Fire Marshall “not to /@#$@@!!! do that 
again”, the Book Elves became thoughtful, devious… and desperate. But 
before the Book Elves plugged thirty-two electric blankets together, 
spread them out over the garden, cranked them up to 11, and watched as 
it began to rain and the resulting electric arc blew out all the circuit 
breakers in this half of the Valley, they finished our latest catalog-

“Recent Acquisitions”

which may be viewed or downloaded as a .pdf file here ->


Fine books of the 16th-20th centuries
on the decorative and fine arts & design

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Northampton, Massachusetts 01061 USA
telephone (413) 247-5080


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