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December 8th, 2004

Well, the Book Elves have finally begun to calm down after their month-long Red Sox World Series Victory celebration. As you can imagine, things were pretty nutty here for a while, and we actually had to re-plaster the ceiling and walls of the Cataloging Cave, because the Book Elves kept bouncing off them.

However, after they calmed down and got back to work they were able to put together an interesting selection of newly-acquired books and posted them on our Just Catalogued pages, which have just been posted on the website-


- - - - - - - - - - New on the Website - - - - - - - - - -
"Just Catalogued" Pages Updated!

justcat02.jpg (4344 bytes)  Our Just Catalogued pages have just been updated, with a good selection of books about glass, furniture, silver, ceramics, textiles and other decorative arts and a smattering of Americana and other matters.

Highlights include-

- an 1837 study of the chemistry and composition of artist's colors and pigments.

- the scarce catalog of the Boynton Collection of Yorkshire pottery.

- Volumes I-VI (1873-1904) of the proceedings of the Lowell-based Old Residents Historical Association, with much interesting information on the early history and personalities of this textile mill city.

- a beautiful set of the National Academy of Design Exhibition Record 1826-1860.

- A scarce 1897 study of "The Architecture, Furniture and Interiors of Maryland and Virginia During the Eighteenth Century", folio-sized, with great photographs!

- Havard's beautiful, big, heavy, late 19th century illustrated 4-volume dictionary of French antiques and art.

- William Harvey Miner's essay on Thomas Chatterton, printed by the Torch Press in 1905 -one of 15 copies on Japan vellum.

- A copy of the DeLuxe edition of Mundy's elegant 1928 study of English delftware, limited to 100 copies.

- A nice copy of the history of the "Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin", the Burgundian Wine-Lover's Society with a difference...

- A scarce 1866 builder's price book with detailed information about prices for stonework, brickwork, plastering, carpentry and joiners' work, and such incidentals as Venetian blinds, paper-hanging, electric bell installation, window glazing, and on and on and on in excruciating and fascinating detail.

and much more!

- - - - - - - - - - Stocking Stuffers! - - - - - - - - - -

We have just loaded over 175 books on a wide variety of subjects onto our new Stocking Stuffers pages. Art, antiques, history, wine, food, and much, much more, all priced at $10 each (and a few for less).

And if you buy three books on these pages you get a fourth book from these pages of equal or lesser value for FREE! If you buy four books for $10 each you pay only $30, which is a 25% discount!

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That's going to do it for today. There was going to be more but the Newsletter Editor is doing his Civic Duty this week and serving on a jury, so certain things are going to have to wait for a few days. We'll have regular, longer Newsletter very soon!