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November 15th, 2005

The Book Elves have put the barbeque in the garage and are busy trying to find a recipe for pumpkin pie that substitutes chocolate for pumpkin, but before they froze the computer trying to download an entire season of "Good Eats" from the FoodTV Network's website with a 56k modem, they prepared a new printed catalog of Recent Acquisitions for November, which is available either as a printed catalog or on our website.


New Catalog-

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"Recent Acquisitions For November, 2005" is now ready, and going into the mail. The catalog is also on our website, but if you'd prefer a hard copy, please send us your mailing address.

This month's selection includes an array of books on furniture, silver, ceramics, glass and other decorative arts, as well as a smattering of other odd stuff, with highlights including-

* An interesting manuscript catalog of a private American library dated 1832.

* A beautifully-bound copy of a 1910 book on miniature portraits on ivory, bound for the collection of railroad magnate Jay Gould's son, George Jay Gould, at "Georgian Court".

* A nice copy of the 1804 (first English) edition of Tingry's important study of varnishes.

* An interesting catalog of silver ceremonial maces from American colleges.

* A satirical 1886 booklet detailing a Scotch wife's adventures at the Edinburgh Art Exhibition.

* An 1895 ledger from Rutland, Vermont detailing a year's worth of liquor purchases by the citizens of that city and nearby towns.

* A scarce 1908 book on the Blaschka glass flower models.

* A beautiful 1890 book illustrating French Revolution and Napoleonic-era hairstyles in a series of 30 color plates.

* A nice early (1841) edition of Stokes' influential cabinetmaker's guide.

* and much, much more!



Solis-Cohen, Lita (ed.) The Americana Chronicles. Maine Antique Digest -30 Years of Stories, Sales, Personalities, and Scandals.Philadelphia; Running Press: 2004. 

”Since 1973 the Maine Antique Digest has been the publication of record for the antiques market in America. Senior editor Lita Solis-Cohen opens the Digest's archives to present this vastly entertaining anthology of articles about the quirky personalities, amazing discoveries, major sales, auction dramas, and staggering scandals that have defined the $20 billion-a-year antiques industry.

Here are landmark sales of silver, tramp art, pottery, paintings, and furniture, and accounts of famous frauds, forgeries, and crimes of passion. Learn about the fake Brewster chair that effectively fooled the trade and museum curators until the maker revealed his identity, the discovery in France of an 18th-century desk and bookcase that sold for over $8 million despite missing feet, and the fate of the con man who foiled the antique toy world”. Softcover. 8.5”x11”, 448 pages, b/w illustrations. New. [95022]

Published at $19.95.
Publisher’s overstock available at
this price for a limited time -


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We are bursting at the seams here, after a couple of book fairs, some good buying from private collections and a couple of very productive road trips. In fact, as we went to press with this November catalog, I had the December catalog half-filled. Well, “filled” is a relative term- the books are stacked here, there and everywhere, but one can never have too many books, right? Right.

Well, anyway, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

We have a new edition of our Books on Furniture catalog coming up in a few weeks, featuring authors I through Q (IQ, it was easy for me to remember, so I went with it), and a new edition of our Catalog of Auction Catalogs coming up in early December. We have a few really nice items for that one.

If you'd like copies of any of these, please let us know.



Schroder, Timothy B. The Gilbert Collection of Gold and Silver. Los Angeles County Museum of Art / Thames & Hudson: 1988. 

Philanthropists Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert passionately amassed what was probably the finest private collection of goldsmiths' work in the world. Early on they concentrated on Georgian silver -in particular 18th and early 19th century works by English masters Paul de Lamerie and Paul Storr- and later broadened the collection to survey English and Continental goldsmith's work from the Renaissance to the Victorian era.

This 1988 volume is from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where pieces from the Gilbert Collection were displayed before Arthur donated them to his native Britain. It catalogs 175 exquisite items, from a very rare Tudor silver-gilt casting bottle, with tiny dragons holding its chain handle, to an enormous cup with scenes and figures commemorating the life of Lafayette, presented to his son George Washington Lafayette after his father's death. Here too are a collection of elegant German tankards; a cup carved from a coconut to look like a somewhat pudgy hawk, with jewels and silver wings; and a 17th-century wager cup shaped like a maiden, which was later fitted with a clockwork mechanism under her skirt so she could roll along the table.

Many are seen in color plates; all are shown in a large main view with smaller detail views of noteworthy features and the smith's marks, and their provenance and construction are thoroughly described. Hardcover. 9.5”x11”, 688 pages, filled with b/w and color illustrations, dj. New. [95023]

Published at $125.00.
Publisher’s overstock available at
this price for a limited time -




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That's going to do it for today. Remember to take a look at our November Catalog when you have a chance, and if you find yourself going by one day, give us a call and drop by. There’s always tea or coffee in the pot, cider in the fridge and various other libations and snacks available as well. Until next time, enjoy our catalog and enjoy the Fall!

-Forrest, Betty, Amy, Freckles, Pywackett & Ike


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