Book Geek Test

From Joyce Godsey, with help from Maria Bustillos & Michelle on the Biblio List-


1 point for ever yes answer.


Have you ever deliberately bought another copy because it had a different cover than the one you have?

Have you ever spent your grocery money on books?

Have you ever bought extra copies just so you could give them away?

Have you ever bought 2 or more copies of a book, so you could read one and save the other?

Have you ever bought a 2nd copy of a book you loved in case you wear out the 1st one?

Have you ever spent more than 20.00 to replace a book you read as a kid?

Have you ever brought books with you to the store to sell, just so you could by a book you couldn't afford?

Have you ever not read a series until you had every book in it?

Have you ever pre-ordered a book as soon as it was humanly possible?

Do you avoid getting your favorite author from the library because they expect you to give them back?

Have you ever maxed out your library card?

Do you erase other peoples writing in library books as you read them?

Have you ever repaired a library book you didn't damage before you returned it?

Have you ever kept a library book and claimed to have lost it?

Do you donate books to the library that you think they should have on the shelf?

Have you ever borrowed a book from a friend and forgotten to give it back?  on purpose?

Have you ever tried to acquire absolutely everything an author has ever written including, text books, liner notes and book jacket blurbs?

Can you sense whether there are books at a yard sale or a flea market booth before you get there?

When you're shopping with friends do they try to rush you past the books and then groan audibly when you stop?

Have you ever not heard your named called in a bookstore on purpose?

Have you ever ended an acquaintance with someone after you realized they didn't read?

Have you ever been asked to leave a bookstore because it was 10 minutes past closing?

Do you scan all the titles at the grocery store even though you KNOW there isn't anything you are going to want.

Do you fix mis-shelved books in bookstores?

Do you check the prices in stores of books you already own?

Do you help customers find books in stores you don't work in?

Have you ever stood outside a bookstore waiting for it to open?

Do you shop for children's books for yourself?

Have you ever gone into a bookstore to kill time?

Have you ever lost track of the time inside a bookstore?

Have you ever left skid marks stopping at a bookstore you hadn't seen before?

How many mile out of your way will you drive to see a new bookstore?  Fewer than 10? more than 10?, more than 50?

Do you prebuy your tickets to bookfairs?

Do you save bookmarks from bookstores like some people save matchbooks?

Do you make lists of books you have read?

Do you make lists of books you want to read?

Do you make lists of books that are like other books?

Have you ever scribbled a recommended book title on the back of your checkbook register or deposit slip?

Do you read anything your eye falls on cereal boxes, milk cartons, tabloid headers?

Have you ever unplugged the phone to read?

Have you ever cancelled real world plans to read a book?

Have you ever made up fake plans so you could read undisturbed?

Have you ever stayed up all night to finish a book and then called in late the next morning?

Have you ever started reading a book at the store and bought it so you could finish?

Have you ever finished a book you didn't like just because you bought it?

Have you ever flung a book you didn't like across the room?

Do you have a basketball hoop over the trash for books you don't like?

Have you ever written a scathing letter to the author about a book that was less that expected?

Have you ever sent a book back to the publisher that was less that expected?

Do you turn magazines sideways so you can read the book titles in the picture backgrounds?

Do you surreptitiously try to get the titles off the books people are reading on the subway?

Do you wonder why the people on TV don't have more bookcases in their homes?

Have you ever given bookbags as holiday gifts?

Have you ever preread a book you were giving as a gift?

Do people give you books that you promptly exchange for other books?

Have people stopped giving you books all together?

Has anyone in your household encouraged you to open a bookstore so you can sell all the books cluttering up the place?

Have you ever wished you had a nickle every time asked "have you read all those?"

Have you ever bought a book you didn't like, just in case it went up in value?

Have you ever kept buying an author's books even after you stopped reading them?

Have you ever made a book out of looseleaf paper to amuse a child?

Have you ever used something for a bookmark that was important and forgotten what book it was in?

Have you ever sat in the car in the driveway while listening to an audio book?

Have you ever sat in the car in the driveway reading a real book?

Do you keep a book in the car for emergencies?

Do you take more books on vacation that you could read in three vacations?

Do you ignore all the books you brought on vacation in favor of something you found in the airline terminal?

Do you have more bookcases in your bedroom than other furniture?

Is there room for more books on them?

Are your bookcases double stacked? triple?

Have you ever built a bookcase between two other bookcases?

Do you have more than 4 unread books on your bedside table? more than 10? more than 25?

Do you have no bedside table, just a pile of books?

Do you have a bookshelf of books about books? an entire case?

Did you spend more than 15 minutes buying your desk chair?

Did you go to more than one store looking for the perfect reading chair?

Have you ever taken a light bulb from a ceiling light to replace the one in the reading lamp?

Do you have boxes of books that haven't been unpacked in more than 8 years?

Have you ever resorted books by color just for fun?

Have you ever sold a collection off as a lot because it hurt too much to break it up?

Have you ever fantasized about a 10 minute bookshopping spree?

Have you ever made a desert island booklist? for real?

Do you know the dimensions of a quarto? an octavo? Do you know why?

Do you know the home city of all the major publishers by heart?

Do you know an imprint's parent company by heart?

Do you know any publisher's isbn pre-fix code by heart?

Do you own a bookpress?

Can you find the tools you need to fix a book, faster that the ones to fix anything else?

Do you buy mylar dust jacket covers by the roll?

Do you save loose endpapers in a file sorted by width, color & texture?

Have you ever referred to the other side of a sheet of paper as it's verso?

Do you have a pile of books labeled not good enough to sell, but too good to throw away?

Do the workers at the donation center all take their break at the same time when they see you?

Have you ever bought a box of books without looking at them?

Have you ever opened a box of books that you forgot you had?

Have you ever given away boxes of books without doublechecking inside?

Do you feel a sense of loss when a book you like gets sold?

Have you ever maxed the price to dissuade someone from buying a book you want to keep around?

Do you drive by buildings and analyze it as a possible bookstore location?

Have you ever stood around talking books with a store owner for over an hour after closing?



1-25 poseur

26-50 wannabe

51-75 minor leaguer

76-100 true blue book geek



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