[JHRB News] Fire & Ice Catalog & New Picture in our Album...

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Sat Mar 27 12:17:34 EST 2004

There is no new catalog or list coming out this week, so I wanted to take
a moment to give you a first heads-up on a long-term project, scheduled
for release later this year.  "Fire and Ice" will be a catalog focusing
on... well... fire and ice.  Fire as (as Walter Hough put it) "an agent of
human culture"- as it has been used for lighting, cooking, warmth and
other things.  And ice as it has been used for cooling, preserving,
recreation and other activities.  If either or both topics interest you,
let us know and we will put you down for a copy of the catalog.

Also, we have posted a new photo in our Picture Album
<http://www.joslinhall.com/photos.htm>, an oddly fascinating albumen print
of an unknown town in the American midwest ca.1880 ; I may be much too
easily amused, but each time I look at this photo I find it more
interesting... <http://www.joslinhall.com/photos-oldtown.htm>

The daffodils are poking their way through the dead leaves in the garden
and the Book Gnomes have departed the Caloging Cave in that general
direction with shovels and rakes and implements of destruction... which
means they'll probably end up taking the afternoon off to watch the Red
Sox play one of their last exhibition games of the pre-season.

We'll have them back at work first thing Monday morning, getting a new
catalog ready, so stay tuned...


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