[JHRB News] New Catalog of Recent Acquisitions for November

Joslin Hall Rare Books office at joslinhall.com
Tue Nov 15 07:05:51 EST 2016

If April showers bring May flowers, what do the grey skies of early 
November bring? Leaves. Leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves, piled deep all 
over the lawn outside the Catalog Cave. In past years the Book Elves 
have raked them & burned them (once they burned them in place, still on 
the lawn, without raking first, but we don’t talk about that), but this 
year they caught the leaf-blower craze. It’s a big lawn, and the 
neighbor’s leaves blow down the street onto it; after 3 go-rounds with a 
pair of newly-purchased Toro “LeafBlasters” the lawn was still knee-deep 
in leaves with no end in sight. And then the Book Elves got serious, and 
the neighbors locked up their pets & children & retreated to their 

How exactly the Book Elves obtained a surplus Russian Tumansky R-15 
turbojet engine (the engine used on the famous Mig 25 “Foxbat” 
supersonic jet fighter) remains a mystery, but with 16,000 pounds of 
thrust it was doing a bang-up job clearing the leaves until the Book 
Elves kicked in the afterburner -and leaves, bicycles, wheelbarrows, 
garden sheds, the Johnson’s privet hedge, and several small trees flew 
off in a cloud of dust and came to rest in the Connecticut River, 
floating towards Hartford.

But before several bewildered FBI agents arrived to begin their 
investigation, the Book Elves finished our latest catalog-

A Selection of Moderately-priced Books & Ephemera for November, 2016
which may be viewed or downloaded as a .pdf file here ->



Fine books of the 16th-20th centuries
on the decorative and fine arts & design

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Northampton, Massachusetts 01061 USA
telephone (413) 247-5080


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