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May 12th, 2005

It's May, it's May, the variable month of May... with temperatures in the 70s yesterday and a frost warning tonight. But May also brings good books, with a beautiful and important new book on American burl treen arriving on our doorstep last week (see below) and a whole slew of interesting new old material for our latest  “Just Catalogued” pages...

justcat02.jpg (3913 bytes) This time we have a selection of books about silver, glass, ceramics, silver, folk art, and other decorative and fine arts, and a smattering of other subjects. Highlights include-

- A scarce study of Middleton, Connecticut communion silver

- A copy of Arthur Clement's rare 1946 booklet "Notes on Early American Porcelain", limited to 50 copies.

- A selection of books on 20th century Scandanavian glass and glass designers.

- A nice little 1887 French book on the history of Parisian hair-dressing and makeup.

- An interesting ca. 1830 broadside advertisement for imported French glass domes.

- The scarce 1922 memoirs of Col. J.P. Gutelius, a no-foolin', high-octane auctioneer...

- An interesting 1923 book on lacquer art, providing a link to the Art Deco lacquer artisans.

- A rare 1882 folio-sized Low Art Tile trade catalog, Low's first catalog.

- The 1886 catalog to one of America's earliest "blockbuster" art auctions and what was, for a time, the most controversial auction in America...

- A charming and beautiful 1693 suite of engravings showing the Labyrinth gardens at Versailles.

- A dramatic and beautiful trade portfolio of colored cards illustrating Art Nouveau and Victorian tile patterns.

- An imposing 1774 treatise on the art of stained glass windows by the man who restored the windows at Notre Dame...

... and a whole lot more! Please take a look at our "Just Catalogued" pages.



Powers, Steven S.

North American Burl Treen. Colonial & Native American.

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Privately published: 2005.

A scholarly, well illustrated book on a sadly under-studied subject. This book selects and examines nearly 200 objects from private and museum collections, and illustrates them in more than 250 color photographs. Chapters include- American Colonial Burl Bowls; The Patten Family; The Covered Burl Bowl; The Burl Mortar; Assorted Burl Treen; Burl Effigy Bowls of the Woodland Indians; Native American Burl Bowls; Native American Burl Effigy Ladles, Paddles and Scoops; Atlantic White Cedar Burl of the Abenaki; and much more! . Hardcover. 8.5”x11.5”, 208 pages; 260 color illustrations, dj. New. [90149] $125.00




auction-3.jpg (7399 bytes)We will be releasing a new issue of “Going Once, Going Twice: Vintage Auction Catalogs Just Added to Our Stock”, in a few weeks! This issue will feature auctions of furniture, glass & ceramics, Orientalia, French decorative arts, and Noteworthy Collections. This is a printed catalog, so let us know if you want a copy.


ALSO Upcoming-

furn-2.jpg (7743 bytes)We will be releasing a new issue of our “Books on Furniture and Americana” catalog shortly. This will be a two-part catalog featuring a wide selection of books on furniture and related subjects. This is a printed catalog, so let us know if you want a copy.


That’s going to do it for today. Please stop by and browse our “Just Catalogued” books, and watch for word of our latest issue of “Going Once, Going Twice: Vintage Auction Catalogs Just Added to Our Stock”, coming soon!


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